Kaththi does it in just 2 days


10404887_767705756583326_5671265637462355001_n As expected the teaser of the Ilayathalapathy Vijay – AR Murugadoss venture, Kaththi has crossed more than 1 million mark, in 2 days’ time.   The teaser was released at the audio launch that happened on the evening of 18th September.

The team will be looking to get the maximum leverage from the teaser to get a grand opening when the movie releases for Diwali.

Actor vijay speech in Kaththi Audio launch


???????????????????????????? Actor Vijay was pretty emotional at audio launch function for Kaththi, held at the Leela Palace hotel in Chennai. The plethora of issues surrounding Kaththi had evidently taken a toll on Vijay, who spoke his heart out in a brief but really powerful speech. “We made Kaththi not to bring in fights, we made it to bring unity among us. We’ve put in a lot of effort for this quality product. A lie never needs explanations, but when rumors are explained it becomes a truth then.  

I don’t want to talk much about what has happened or what will. This movie will please you all and also entertain you all. Naa Thyaagi nu laam solla maatten, aana kandippa Dhrohi illa (I don’t claim myself to be a freedom fighter, but I’m definitely not a traitor). Thank you all for coming”

Kaththi will set a record !


10501787_692236650850913_1631420811636526918_nKaththi’s high profile audio launch is all done and the music is already creating waves among the patronized listeners. Now it’s time for the distributors to take turns and negotiate the rates with the exhibitors.                                            Boss films Siva is one such person, who distributes big budgeted films around the Trichy and Thanjavur region. Having already released a record number of close to 35 screens for Enthiran, in his belt alone, now he’s got the rights of Kaththi for a whooping price. 

Mr. Siva claims, “I haven’t watched the film yet, but I very strongly believe the Vijay- Murugadoss combo will repeat their magic. I heard the songs and also watched the teaser. This film is bound to create ripples at box-office. I’m trying my level best to release the film in a record setting 45 screens. The Trichy, Thanjavur area will very soon see the biggest release for a big hero”.

If Kaththi manages to get the right screens with a decent number, it is for sure to have a great run in theatres.

”When Vijay sir acts, even a very ordinary scene goes to a whole new level


2The captain of Team Kaththi, A.R.Murugadoss is a director who is celebrated all around the country as he has delivered hits in all the major film industries – Tamil, Hindi and Telugu. After Thuppakki, his second outing with Vijay, Kaththi is much-expected by the audiences and critics alike, and the film’s music and teaser were released yesterday to kick-start the expectations aggressively. This is what ARM said at Kaththi launch event held at Chennai.

“Let me tell you people, I’m a Tamilian by birth and I’ll die as a Tamilian only. Be it me or Vijay sir, we never go behind money. I was born and brought up here. Every cell of mine has Tamil encrypted in it. Kaththi is one such movie that’ll be celebrated for its unity. After Thuppakki, I always intended to work with Vijay sir. Kaththi was a memorable time.

I just tell Vijay sir to recite, “I’m waiting”. But when he enacts it, a very ordinary scene goes to a whole new level. With a slight tilt and the way he says it, I get stunned. Kaththi will have lot more of such gimmicks.

We were working back to back and I got a little tired, stressed, dehydrated and finally blacked out. When I opened my eyes at the hospital, I felt a little hazy. There was somebody standing in front of me and the doctor asked if I could see properly. When my vision got clear, as per the usual norms, doctor asked if I knew who was standing in front of me. It was Ilayathalapathy Vijay sir himself waiting there for me. If I didn’t know who it was, even my son would beat me.

I asked Vijay sir if he likes Jagdeesh, Kadhiresan or Jeevanandham. He said Kadhiresan. This movie will exceed your expectations. Wait for Diwali, we are coming with a bang”

”Vijay sir was a baby to deal with”


81Kaththi audio launch event held at the Leela Palace hotel in Chennai, Anirudh expressed his happiness and his thought process while working on Kaththi          

“The minute AR Murugadoss sir confirmed me for Kaththi, I had been awaiting the experience of working with Vijay anna. After Thuppakki, the legendary combination is coming back for a bigger, better movie and so the responsibility vested on my shoulders was unbearable till this day. I’m extremely happy for having satisfied Vijay fans more than anybody else. This day will be an unforgettable experience etched in my memories for ever. 

When done with the ‘Selfie Pulla’ composition, we knew that this would be a treat for Vijay sir himself to sing, and even more for the fans and masses. At the recording, he was a baby to deal with. I loved his energy and subtle improvisations enhancing the song more than what I expected. He should sing more. He’s a natural singer who can be a seasoned singer. I’m so happy that the songs have pleased you. Wait for Diwali. We are coming !”

KATHTHI- Audio Review


10704086_814041638616404_4768537004914105123_n1.AATHI:                                      An Energetic Composition by Anirudh that has been sung by himself and Vishal Dadlani. The interesting element in this Song is Anirudh has used the Theme Music of the Movie here with Lyrics that syncs well giving a Pleasant experience to the listeners.

2.BAD EYES(Villain Theme):
Probably for the first time, a Special Theme Music has been made for the Villain and its an unique attempt with the sounds of water flowing in the background.

No need to describe this one because it is already the Ringtone of many since the First Look Motion Poster Released.. A Perfect Theme Music that could enhance the Hero’s Character in the Movie.. Certainly the BEST Theme for Vijay in Recent Years.. Goosebumps Guaranteed!

First of all, a Special Thanks to Anirudh for bringing back the Legendary Singer K.J.Yesudas after so many years. Its a Divine Feel to hear his Voice, which as always, looks so young. Now everyone are waiting to see how it is Picturised in the Movie.

This Peppy Number is sung by Shankar Mahadevan and Shweta Mohan and it can very well fit to the word ‘Refreshing’. The Tune impresses on the First hearing itself and the Lyrics are a lot meaningful. Few Hindi words that comes in-between is apt to the mood of the Song.

A Song that would make everyone Dance. The Tune is so catchy and Hip Hop Thamizhaa-Anirudh Combo has worked out well once again.. The variations Anirudh shows in this Song is something unseen from him and his Experiment works big time.

Here we go.. The Song that is being Celebrated by Every Youngster right from the Moment it got released.. Yes, its ‘Selfie Pulla’ that has been sung by our very own Ilayathalapathy Vijay! Man.. He is just a Sugar Factory!! He gets better with every Song and in this one, He has touched the Peak! It is sure that Girls would fall in more love with him when He utters the lines ‘Ummmaaah’. His Variations, Clarity , Fitness to the Tune, everything has certainly made us go ga-ga on this Number! He is Singing like a Professional Singer and this Song would surely be a Festival to his fans on Theatres!

Verdict: KATHTHI Fever Officially Catches Everyone!!



75630_290259731088636_554006527_n-tileKaththi’s Villain, Neil Nitin Mukesh is all excited about his role in Kaththi. In a recent interview, the actor said “My characterization in Kaththi will be a benchmark in my career and it will be different from all other roles”.

Neil has said that he is more comfortable in working with Vijay and he wants to do one more film with Ilaiyathalapathy. Neil has said that the combination scenes between him and Vijay will be a treat to fans.

Nelil says “Vijay is the nicest human being I have ever met. He is very down to earth and caring”.” Kaththi is having a social message that everyone can connect with” said Neil Nitin Mukesh in the interview.